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Totta's Bluesband - and extended musical family (9)

(Picture to the right, projecting a powerful image of Nikke Ström, is part of a painting by Håkan Sandsjö which adorns cover of 1985 album "Combination Boogie")

85 March: release of 3rd album, "Combination Boogie":
"Evil Thing", "I Live The Life I Love", "Stop Using Me", "The Wall", "No Expectations", "Grinning In Your Face", "Combination Boogie", "That's The Truth", "See That My Grave Is Kept Clean", "She Turns Me On", "Going Back To The Country"

Stuff by J.B. Hutto, Juke Boy Bonner, Howlin' Wolf, John Fogerty, Jagger/Richards. Review JEF 69:60

85 Aug 13: TBB at sea: "Ångbåtsblues" on the ship S/S Blidösund, Stockholm:
"Going Back to the Country", "Blues With A Feeling", "Grinning In Your Face", "No Expectations", "I Live the Life I Love", "It's Too Late", "Saturday Night's Boogie Woogie Man", "Can't Be Satisfied", "Last Time". Good review by Peter Thunborg in JEF 70:20

85 Nov 30: Totta's Bluesband perform at 'ANC -galan' (a benefit concert for ANC) - and announce officially that the band is splitting up. However, reunions do happen, and since these guys go on gigging with each other in various combinations one gets the impression that it is the name of the band that has been shelved - not the band itself.


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