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Totta's Bluesband - and extended musical family (17)

Bernt Andersson plays keyboards, accordion and harmonica with all and sundry: live or studio, from blues to theatre music, always with virtuosity. Also acts as the 'blues representative' in the managing board of jazz club "Nefertiti".

And turns 50 on Nov. 25 2000 (article from Göteborgs-Posten to the right. Photograph © Sofia Sabel).

On October 14 2000 we caught Bernt on stage at the 'Nefertiti' in Göteborg, playing a happy set with a temporary outfit (Göran Svenningsson guitars, Magnus Lanshammar bass, Martin Fürst drums) after a Kelly Joe Phelps performance:

"Let's Go To Memphis" (?) - countryfunk with slide. Göran vocals & Strat.
"Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, But Nobody Wants To Die" (Albert King?) - Bernt vocals & Fender Rhodes. Plus Göran on a splendid Gibson solo.
"Four Until Late" (Robert Johnson) - Bernt vocals & grand piano.
"Rock Me Baby" (trad) Göran vocals and riffing guitar. And now the dance begins! Yipee!
"Don't Burn Down The Bridge" (Jones-Wells) ā la Albert King - Bernt vocals.
"You Threw Your Love On Me Too Strong" (Albert King) - Göran vocals & Gibson solo, Bernt Rhodes solo.
"Boom-Bapa-Boom" (Jimmie Vaughan) - Göran vocals & Strat.
"Congo Square" (Sonny Landreth) - Göran vocals and monster slide (Strat), Bernt monster Rhodes! Eerie, echoing, ringing, reverberating. Sheer power!

I'm glad I was there! Over a beer afterwards Bernt confessed that he had not performed on a Fender Rhodes for ages. Well, to me it sounded just fine, the "Congo Square" solo for one was incredible. Besides, it is always good to find Bernt at the song microphone.

More evenings like this, please!

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