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Totta's Bluesband - and extended musical family (18)

Niels Nordin: still the drummer of Black Ingvars: a band turning popular songs and ditties into heavy rock, selling lots of CDs. The band was founded in Febr. 1995. Single debut was "Mitt eget Blue Hawaii", album debut was "Earcandy Six" (1995). They even competed for being Sweden's respresentatives in "Melodifestival 98".

Anders Möller (vocals, guitar)

Magnus Tengby (guitar, vocals) (w. The Few from the beginning in '82, also records/tours with Ulf Lundell '90-'94)

Henrik Ohlin (bass, vocals) (once in Queen Bee & the Zydeco Amigos with Bernt Andersson etc.)

and of course Niels Nordin (drums, vocals).

Promo shot right © Jonas Berg. Henrik extreme left, Niels extreme right.

Gunnar Pettersson's regular gig is drumming for a cabaret in Skövde - but sometimes you can find him playing classy jazz & blues with a.o.

  • Anders Wättring (a good vocalist and keyboardist in the Ray Charles mould)
  • Soul Serenaders (this position was later filled by Erik Bodin)
  • Erik Gulbrandsen (sång) & Rolf Jardemark (gtr) & Kjell Jansson (bs) & Jan-Erik Zirk (keys)
  • Jack McGuinness & The Hot Bullets
  • (Juris Salmins' r&b extravaganza - from which photo to the left is borrowed).

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