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Totta's Bluesband - and extended musical family (14)

98 Febr.: Swedish guitar magazine "FUZZ" publishes an eagerly awaited interview with Bengan Blomgren in their 1998:1 issue! Cover to the left. Engrossing stuff.

Always favouring maplenecked Fender guitars plus Fender amps (a 60's black face Twin with two 12" Celestions - or a Pro Junior 15w for bar gigs: "Only two knobs: You can't go wrong!") plus his treasured MXR+ pedal.

98: Totta Näslund and Bengan Blomgren tour with Swedish raunchy rockers the Refreshments (incl. U.K. guitarist & vocalist Billy Bremner, once in the Edmunds-Lowe collaboration Rockpile)

98 April 30: Queen Bee & the Zydeco Amigos reunite for a special gig at 'Nefertiti'. Original lineup with Bernt Andersson.

98 May: My own reflections after a great gig at Nefertiti:
"We caught Mats Ronander & the Little Big Band at Nefertiti, Göteborg on May 22, '98. Bengan Blomgren (sporting a semi-solid Telecaster and a tweed Fender) had a field day and astounded us all. Lots of slide, lots of 'Brit Blues' sounds. Mr. Ronander (pictured right - no slouch on guitar himself) concentrated on vocals and harp but still played some rebel rousing solos. "Hey Bengan: If I do this, what can you do?!". The set list consisted mainly of blues, J.J. Cale, Dylan and Hiatt - these gents got taste. The audience generally went bananas. And Nikke Ström, sometimes Mr. Cool, went bandanas, dancing around looking happier than ever."

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