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Totta's Bluesband - and extended musical family (15)

98 Oct. 3: Bengan Blomgren, Nikke Ström, Tomas Olsson on drums (see below) and Niklas Medin on keys are the house band at Umeå Blues Festival 1998, backing up Peps Persson, Totta Näslund, Fjellis Fjellström and Mats Ronander - also backing up legendary U.K. blues guitarist & vocalist Peter Green and his guitarist sidekick Nigel Watson.

98 is also Nikke's first year of two as a 'concept director' of Umeå Blues Festival. He is back at the festival in 99 performing on the Peter Green and Potatoes tour. At the festival the Potatoes also act as backup band to U.K. guitarist Mick Taylor (once with John Mayall and the Rolling Stones) and U.S. harp virtuoso Charlie Musselwhite.

In 2000 Nikke returns as bassist with the Mescaleros.

Drummer Tomas Olsson mentioned above is an experienced gentleman with a past in Bröderna Hörberg's Blues Band, Little Big Blues Band, Svartvitt, Gary T'To Band, Björn Afzelius Globetrotters and many more. Picture to the left from cover of Gary T'To Band's 1983 album "Freeway Jam" (MOONSHINE SMSLP 1005). Tomas in white shirt beside Gary T'To.

99 Febr 27: Rest. Kupolen, Karlskoga: a random date of the Swedish tour of Peter Green & Nigel Watson, this time with a backing band named Potatoes (featuring easily recognizable gentlemen: Mats Ronander, Nikke Ström, Bengt Blomgren and Tomas Olsson). Tour included roughly a dozen more gigs, incl Pusterviksbaren, Göteborg.

99 Sept.: release of Totta Näslund's third solo album "Totta 3 - En dåre som jag". Musicians lineup includes Pelle Alsing (drums), Billy Bremner (guitar), Tove Naess (backup vocals), Hasse Olsson (Hammond organ) and Clarence Öfwerman (piano).

A TV gig ('Bingo-Lotto') promoting his single "Familjelycka" includes Billy Bremner (guitar), Tove Naess (backup vocals), Johan Strömberg (bass) and Abbe Abrahamsson (drums). The latter two being mainstays of Anna-Lena Winter's outfit Winter.

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