Whitesnake? Oh yes - on the strength of being a vehicle for the guitar prowess of Messrs. Mick Moody and Bernie Marsden. My own knowledge is not that impressive to say the least, so I turned to our web forum for info:

Alex Gitlin, questioned on "Moody-period-Whitesnake CDs to recommend":

"Trouble" (1978), "Lovehunter" (1979) and their pinnacle work, "Ready An' Willing" (1980)"

Love Micky's work with Tramline, Whitesnake and Juicy Lucy. Fave cuts? "Belgian Tom's Hat Trick" and the slide blues jam on the 1980 "Live... from the heart of the city" by Whitesnake.

Paul Bradbeer:

Roughly concur with Alex - Whitesnake EP and first album was quite good before they really got into hard rock material. This contains "Belgiums", "Bloody Mary" "Stealaway" and "Ain't Love" (not live version) and after that it's cherry picking. I was a massive Coverdale fan due to his voice but unfortunately his lyrics are not specifically too good and consistently run the same ground. Still Walking In the Shadow of the blues is good for Jon Lord's contribution as I recall. Live I thought they were a bit drab apart Jon Lord, some of the twin guitar interplay was neat, but as I recall they were upstaged by their support band White Spirit, which featured Janick Gers who I think joined Ian Gillans' Band.

Alex Gitlin again, building on Paul's info.:

The EP later came out on CD, in America, at least as "Snakebite", augmented by 4 more solo songs from Coverdale's own solo album called "Whitesnake" in 1977.

I'd say live in the vintage years (late 70s/early 80s) they were excellent, and I sorely miss out on having seen them in action in their prime. I have a video to prove it, except it's from 1983, so Colin Hodgkinson (ACE player himself) is on bass and Mel Galley is on guitar (in place of the departed Bernie Marsden) along with Micky Moody.

Colin was in a top notch British jazz-rock band Back Door in the 70s, and Mel, of course, in Trapeze and later Phenomena with Glenn Hughes.

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