Main claim to fame for me: First album features Mick Moody - guitar/John McCoy - vocals, harmonica/Terry Sidgwick - bass, vcls and Terry Popple - drums.

Their first album was advertised in this fatherly manner by ISLAND in "The Record Buyer", Febr. '69:
"This group make a bit of a change. Most blues groups seem to be from London these days, but these four lads are all from the North East. Very strong debut album this. It is hard, uncompromising blues, played with great feeling and dedication. This was the boys' first experience of a recording studio, and a very good job they have made of it. "National Blues" is nice and so too is the excellent version of "Killing Floor"."

"Somewhere Down The Line" ISLAND ILPS 9088 (1968)
"Moves Of Vegetable Centuries" ISLAND ILPS 9095 (1969)