Tim Hill:

Excerpts from a most welcome mail, dd Nov. 27 2000!


Sam Kelly linked me to your page, I am a harp player and have played with Sam who is my favourite drummer with various another musicians over the last ten years.

From the (Earl Green blues) jam which is still playing at the World's End on wednesday nights a family of players meet and play with each other. I played with Bill Hurley on Saturday Night With Eddie Angel on lead guitar a particular friend on mine. On friday I played with Bad Fox doing Blues and soul. I also sit in with the Spike Drivers who are Ben Tyzak guitar and vocals, Constance Redgrave on bass and vocals and Maurice Macelroy on drums and vocals {see Misunderstood]. I also play with the Vibrakings from time to time a west country based band doing Texas style blues.

If you like the blueprint records my pictures are on the cover of the 98 and 2000 covers.

Daytime I am a food photographer see www.timhill.co.uk.


Tempting link - but no blues:
www.timhill.co.uk Tim Hill: Food Photographer