Rory Gallagher: guitar, vocals
Richard 'Charlie' McCracken: bass
John Wilson: drums.

Workshirted Irishman Rory Gallagher with his battered Strat and a lone Vox AC 30 became immensely popular on the festival circuit, playing slide/nonslide on blues standards ("Catfish") and his own more rock oriented originals. A working class hero to his audience. Two studio albums issued, then band split. Rory went solo and the rhythm section formed Stud with guitarist/vocalist Jim Cregan. Taste's live albums issued later on.

In August 2000 a new edition of Taste was formed: Messrs. McCracken and Wilson plus Sam Davidson on guitar and vocals.

"Taste" POLYDOR 583 042 (1969)
"On The Boards" POLYDOR 583 083 (1970)
"Live Taste" POLYDOR 2310 082 (1971)
"Live At The Isle Of Wight" POLYDOR 2383 120 (1972)

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