The Papa George Band:

Steve Kennedy's eminent website said it all:
"The Papa George Band are no ordinary blues band. You could say that their music has a raw and rare quality reminiscent of Steve Ray Vaughan's Texas style of blues. Having said that they also retain their own distinctive sound especially as they blend their strong original material with some well recognised covers such as 'Pride & Joy' by Stevie Ray Vaughan and 'Oh Well' by Peter Greens Fleetwood Mac."
Lineup 1996:
Papa George: vocals, guitar
Pete Rees: bass
Paul Foss: drums
who has been preceded on the drumchair by (at least) Derby Todd and Alan Coulter: the latter once a drummer with Meal Ticket, Chuck Farley, Hershey & The Twelve Bars...
Lineup August 2000:
Papa George: vocals, guitar
Ken Emerson: guitar
Peter Grant: bass
Darby Todd: drums

"Nite With You" PGB1: live at 'The Cartoon' in Croydon in 1996, issued by the band. All original songs bar one. Papa G/Rees/Foss lineup.