The Move:

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The Move '66-'68 lineups:
Carl Wayne: vocals
Roy Wood: guitar, vocals
Trevor Burton: guitar/bass
Ace Kefford: bass
Bev Bevan: drums

Birmingham brummies with a tough guy image but a vast talent for great pop singles! And those singles were not only radio hits - they were hits among the fans of psychedelic music as well! Talk about cross-over hits.

I'm sure you can find all hit stuff statistics in the regular pop dictionaries on the net! I am an absolute fool for their songs - but I won't list them here.

Bassist Ace Kefford left in '68 to lead his own outfit: Ace Kefford Stand. Also featured Dave Ball on guitar (later on in Procol Harum) and drum meister Cozy Powell (later with Jeff Beck Group). Released one single, a cover of 'For Your Love' (The Yardbirds). I seem to be the only guy who likes it!

Trevor Burton (who gripped the bass guitar when Ace let it go) left himself in February '69, on the verge of a U.S. tour, tired of pop biz.