Marcus Malone:

Talented young black vocalist & guitarist, originally from Detroit, Michigan. Works in a modern rock-blues/r&b vein. In 1999 leading Marcus Malone's Red House, in 2000 The Marcus Malone Band. Lots of good original material in stage show ("Drowning Man").

"One More Time" album (1999?)
Tommy Allen: guitar (to Nicky Moore's Blues Corporation)
Moz Gamble: keyboards
Phil Williams: bass
Tim Bye: drums
Angie Brown: backing vocals
Marcus Malone musicians in 2000:
Marcus Malone: guitar, vocals
Lee Sankey: harp
Shea Rider: guitar
Dan Smith: guitar (from De Luxe Blues Band)
Steve Watts: keyboard
Brad Weissman: bass
Pietro Forlani: drums
Marcus Malone musicians in Aug. 2001:
Marcus Malone: guitar, vocals
Simeon Jones: harp, sax
Dan Smith: guitar
Moz Gamble: keyboard
Brad Weissman: bass
Chris Nugent: drums

"One More Time" REDLINE