Hogan's Heroes:

Albert Lee & Hogan's Heroes:
Lineup of "In Full Flight" CD (1993):

Albert Lee: guitar, keyboards, lead vocals
Gerry Hogan: pedal steel, acoustic guitar
(on pedal steel on Heads Hands & Feet album "Tracks" in 1972 already!)
Mike Bell: keyboards, vocals
Brian Hodgson: bass, vocals
Peter Baron: drums, vocals

Excerpt from review of gig at Walthamstow's Royal Standard, written by Tom Daley and published in "Highly Strung", issue 5, Febr. '89:
"I can only list a few personal delights from what would have been gig of 88 if I was voting now! There's Chuck's "Sweet Little Lisa" tonked and steeled, likewise the Memphis roots of the train song "One Line Up". If I'd died I'd have gone beaming on the weepies with wailing steel of the Goslin Bros "Hanging On" with its Mex/Everly feel and even more so the pure Phil Everly "Good Love Gone Bad" with Albert proving he can tinkle keys too. A magic gig."
Hrrm, I actually think "Sweet Little Lisa" was penned by Hank DeVito... Otherwise I second that emotion!

"In Full Flight (Live at Montreux)" ROUND TOWER RTMCD60/RTMMC60 (1993)

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