Blodwyn Pig:

Record company promo shot circa '70

Mick Abrahams came from Jethro Tull, led Blodwyn Pig and then left to form the Mick Abrahams Band. A good rock/blues guitarist with a trade mark tour de force: "Cat's Squirrel" executed on a Gibson SG/Marshall combination. Plus a good vocalist!

Mick left Blodwyn Pig around Sept. '70 and was replaced by two guitarists (what a compliment!): Pete Banks from Yes and Barry Reynolds from Pacific Drift (a band Jack Lancaster is a former member of).

But the classic Pig lineup was without doubt:
Mick Abrahams: guitar, vocals/Jack Lancaster: saxes/Andy Pyle: bass/Ron Berg: drums.

"Dear Jill" (Mick Abrahams)/"Sweet Caroline" (Mick Abrahams). ISLAND WIP-6059 (1969).
A-Side: Slow and dreamy. Tasty slide and good vocals. Moody reeds from Mr. Lancaster. Great! Should have been a hit.

B-Side: Pushing twelvebar. Feels partly like "The Stumble" with vocals. The Pig is attacking heavily and sax and guitar compete for space. Both win. Good single, this.

"Ahead Rings Out" ISLAND ILPS 9101 (1969)
"Getting To This" CHRYSALIS ILPS 9122 (1970)

A tough sounding band with a very diverse song list: Gentle acoustic pickings and mellow flutes contrasting with wild and (sometimes) messy numbers sounding as a cross between Cream, Colosseum - and latter day Beatles. A penchant for synchronized riffs and clever tempo changes. In my opinion lacking in profile - but never boring!

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