James Hunter cont.

From the 90's onwards James has led his own bands of varying formats, labelled James Hunter And His Band (featuring at least two saxes), The James Hunter Trio - or earlier (my favourite name) James Hunter & The Jokers.
Too few recordings made so far. So try to find his excellent CDs of well crafted original material plus some covers:
"Believe What I Say" ACE CDCHD 636 (1996)
"Kick It Around" RUF RECORDS RUF 1039 (1999)

And do not miss the forthcoming CD "People Gonna Talk" probably out in early 2005 on the American GO RECORDS.
I cannot help quoting from the "Rhythm and Blues" web page once maintained by Peter Dean:
"Very much an artist of today, a British singer / guitarist (previously known as Howlin' Wilf!), Hunter has produced an R&B album on Ace Records called "Believe What I Say". A CD of consummate professionalism, he is one of a rare breed, a British artist who truly understands the R&B form. Lots of self penned material with a few standards thrown in, guest appearances from Van Morrison and Doris Troy (another unsung heroine??) and great arrangements - some might argue it veers towards pastiche but I just say, if that's true, give me more pastiche. If you're a fan of Bobby Bland, Sam Cooke, Ray Charles etc. give this excellent vocalist / guitarist a listen - prevent another unsung hero biting the dust!"

Much more about James:
James Hunter Official Website
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