Tim Hinkley:

Experienced keyboards maestro with lots of bluesy/rootsy/folksy friends. Leader of spontaneous congregation Hinkley's Heroes.
The random list below of his active 70's (as band member or studio cat) clearly shows the roots of his Heroes:

Bo Street Runners who recorded one of the tracks on "Ready Steady Win" (196?)
Chicago Line Blues Band (1966) (with Mike Patto, vocals)
Jody Grind: "One Step On" (1969), "Far Canal" (1970)
Al Stewart: "Zero She Flies" (1970), "Past, Present & Future" (1974)
Graham Bell: "Graham Bell" (1972)
Vinegar Joe: "Vinegar Joe" (1972)
Steve York: "Manor Live" (1973)
Pete Sinfield: "Still" (1973) (multitalent of King Crimson fame)
Alvin Lee: "Road To Freedom"(1973), "In Flight" (1974), "Pump Iron" (1975)
Beckett: "Beckett" (1974)
Claire Hamill: "Stage Door Johnnies" (1974)
Streetwalkers: "Streetwalkers" (1974) (feat. Roger Chapman, Charlie Whitney...)
Humble Pie: "Street Rats" (1975)
Snafu: "All Funked Up" (1975) (also feat. Mick Moody)
Henry McCullough: "Mind Your Own Business" (1975)
Dr. Feelgood: "Sneakin' Suspicion" (1977)
Joan Armatrading: "Show Some Emotion" (1977)
Whitesnake: "Whitesnake" (1977) (also feat. Mick Moody)
Roger Chapman: "Live In Hamburg" (1979), "Mail Order Magic" (1980) etcetera

Member of Heart And Soul in the mid 80's: a soul outfit formed by fellow Hinkley Hero Bob Tench.