Ray Gelato:

Tenor saxophonist and vocalist - not likely to be seen on stage wearing blue denims. A gangster's slick suit, more likely!

Played in a a rock'n'roll band called Dynamite around 1980/81.

Soon started The Chevalier Brothers with guitarist Patrice Serapiglia a.k.a. 'Maurice Chevalier'.
Early '83 band also featured Roger Beaujolais on vibraphone, Clark Kent on acoustic bass and John Piper on drums.

Ray Gelato's web page says of The Chevalier Brothers:
Musically the material was a mix of Louis Jordan jump tunes, Django Reinhardt style gypsy jazz, frantic swing instrumentals and madcap original songs. The visual style was the '40s zoot suit gangster look, which for the time was a very 'new' and different look compared to what else was happening on the popscene, and the shows were often chaotic and extremely funny, with extensive audience participation both on and off the stage!
Ray then started Ray Gelato and the Giants of Jive ('88 - '94), also featuring Clark Kent and John Piper from previous band, plus Mark Adelman on piano (a latecomer to the Chevaliers).
The website again:
The musical policy was scaled down big band arrangements of '40s era jump and swing tunes, combining musicality and entertainment in the style of performance that Ray had been presenting since the start
From '94 on, Ray leads The Ray Gelato Giants:
Ray's new musical policy was to move away from the so-called 'jump-jive' style, and to draw from the rich tradition of American popular music in a much broader sense than before, taking in influences from artists such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra, Duke Ellington, and even Dean Martin. But at the same time retaining the main elements of Ray's performance that had been so succesful, namely his distinctive Louis Prima influenced vocal style and big toned swinging tenor playing.
No, not a blues player (albeit a swing one), but being an applauded performer through the years on stages such as Dingwalls, The Half Moon and The Dublin Castle he does qualify for inclusion here. PLEASE visit his elegant website listed below, featuring discographies of above mentioned outfits!

The Ray Gelato Giants: The Big Sound Of Real Swing Music