The Pretty Things:

Why not quote by the letter the smartly colourful (truly psychedelic) web page dedicated to The Pretty Things I have listed below:

(quote) "The Pretty Things have been playing since about 1962. They were originally an offshoot of the primordial Rolling Stones, since their lead guitarist Dick Taylor was a school chum and the original bassist for the Stones. But Dick soon became dissatisfied with that roll, and decided to start his own group where he might play lead guitar. So he went back and got a few other guys from the art college together and started the Pretty Things.
For a short time the parallels between the two bands were quite similar as might be expected with the similar roots. But any aficinodo of the English Rhythm Blues style of the time, might prefer one bands version of a standard to the others.
After the first albums by both bands came out a parting in the ways became apparent. Where the Stones seemed to ultimately loose touch with the quest of the spiritual reasons which drive young players to make music, the Pretties did not have the problems of fame and success to complicate their quest for the mythical perfect riff." (unquote)

 The Pretty Things