King Crimson:

King Crimson are very far removed from the King 'family' of the blues! But since this index is an appendix to my scribbled down memories of the late 60's, they do belong in a description of the London scene, albeit not of the blues scene. They really were something else. The unusual guitar of Robert Fripp (playing heavyish rock on a Les Paul Custom, sittinging on a CHAIR!), Ian McDonald on alto sax, flute, clarinet and mellotron, bass player Greg Lake, looking more like an angel than a (rock) fiend, Mike Giles on drums. And Pete Sinfield's light show! I have never experienced the combination of sound & lights so strongly - before or after. Don't ask me why, but soon the tears made little rivulets down my cheeks. "In the Court of the Crimson King" was devastating.

Later on, their LPs left me rather cold. But I'll never forget that evening at the Marquee in 1969.