My Marquee '70 memories are of an attractive young lady (Linda Hoyle), surprisingly doing a great version of "Coconut Grove". Very bluesy & jazzy atmosphere - a bit sophisticated.

Her companions on the group album "Affinity", VERTIGO 6360004 (1970) were:
Mike Jopp (guitar), Lynton Naiff (keyboard), Mo Foster (bass) and Grant Serpell (drums).

Linda Hoyle later issued a solo album "Pieces Of Me" on VERTIGO 6360060 (1971) with busy Mr. Chris Spedding on guitar. And then got married and dropped out of sight. A pity.

Affinity: "I Wonder If I Care As Much" (D. & P. Everly)/"Sisters Three" (Linda Hoyle/Lynton Naiff) VERTIGO 6059 007 (1970)
A-Side: A reverby droning atmosphere. Tragic singing and a messy production. Not entirely convincing.
B-Side: Much much better. Driving & jazzy. Great organ, sax riffs and l-o-n-g guitarsolo that spiritually originated on the U.S. west coast. Linda seems to be much more at ease. Good!

Linda Hoyle with Affinity: "Eli's Comin'" (Nyro)/"United States of Mind" (Hull) VERTIGO 6059 018 (1970).
A-Side: BIG and busy production with great dynamics. Great song, good version.

B-Side: Folksy feeling. Mainly vocals, banging percussion and some acoustic guitar. A bit U.S. west coast once again. A shade of Grace Slick when she wails.

Easy to write down those record numbers. I didn't have to turn the single to read the label on the flip side! Remember the Vertigo labels?

Beat Instrumental reviewed the "Affinity" album in the August '70 issue: