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Totta's Bluesband - and extended musical family (13)

93 March and 94 March: Bengan Blomgren, Nikke Ström and Niels Nordin back up Robert 'Biggles' Sohlberg on his album "Put The Light On Me" in the company of Bengt Bygren, keyboards and accordion.

'Biggles' (pictured to the right, photographer unknown) is a local rock singer of amazing vocal powers, with a history in bands like Tom Fullhand Brew and CAB. Biggles was furthermore intended as the star of the Kent Andersson musical "Kent" in Stockholm but got fed up early on and returned to the west coast, from then on running the cozy hotel "Slussens Pensionat" in the village of Slussen on the island of Orust. A great music scene in the summer!

I have tried to assemble some stuff on 'Biggles' on a few pages here:

The official website of Slussen and Biggles: http://www.slussenspensionat.se

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