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Totta's Bluesband - and extended musical family (12b)

91 July 27: Debut gig at 'Nefertiti' for Queen Bee & the Zydeco Amigos: not a blues band but a rockin' roots band ā la Texas Tornados and Los Lobos.

Yep, Bernt Andersson is busy as always - this time partly due to being the accordion player of this nifty little band. The queen is Anna-Lena Winter (vocals), and the other amigos are Göran Svenningsson (gtr), Henrik Ohlin (bs) and Jim Ingvarsson (dr).

The band worked '91 - '93 (?), issued one album simply named 'Queen Bee & the Zydeco Amigos' MUSIK/MUSIK MM01-2 (1992/1993) - and a single: "Sugar Bee"/"Shake A Hand". Excellent review in JEF No. 1:93.

Picture to the right: 'Nefertiti' in Göteborg advertises the Queen Bee gigs in August '92.

Footnote: No stranger whatsoever to the folks in these pages, Anna-Lena - together with The Few (then feat. Henrik Ohlin) - accompanied the Varmare än kôrv pirates on one of their Florida forays.

In Nov. 2000 we find Anna-Lena leading Winter, Göran leading the Instigators, Henrik being a Black Ingvar (w. Niels Nordin) and Jim drumming for the Bluebirds.

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