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Totta's Bluesband - and extended musical family (10b)

86: 4th and final TBB album - a mini one - is issued after band's split, simply called "Totta's Bluesband".
Tracks: "I'm Ready" (Aug. 1983, studio Göteborg), "I'd Better Keep What I've Got" (Nov. 1984, studio New York), "Goin' Back To Memphis" (March 1986, studio Göteborg), "Like A Rolling Stone" (Nov. 30 1985, ANC-galan Göteborg), "Going Down" (Nov. 29 1985, ANC-galan Göteborg).

Pictured to the left is part of album cover. Photographs © Titti Grahl.

87: Varmare än kôrv on 2nd 'summer means fun' trip to Key West, Florida, playing up a storm at "Sloppy Joe's".

87: Release of Ulf Lundell's album "Det goda livet" with TTB drummer Niels Nordin at the sticks.

88: Varmare än kôrv on 3rd summer trip to "Sloppy Joe's", Key West, Florida, this time with Bosse Skoglund on drums.

88: Peps Blodsband's album "Fram med pengarna" (SONET SLPCD-2795) with Nikke Ström on bass hits the shops.

88: Release of another Ulf Lundell album, "Evangeline", also with Niels Nordin on drums.

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