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Robert 'Biggles' Sohlberg (3)

Chronologically speaking, I suppose that CAB was followed by the 'Kent' period:
Biggles was intended as the star of the Kent Andersson musical "Kent", staged in Stockholm, but got fed up early on. He returned to the west coast, from then on running the cozy hotel "Slussens Pensionat" in the village of Slussen on the island of Orust. A great music scene in the summer!

The official website of Slussen and Biggles: http://www.slussenspensionat.se

In recent times, Biggles has been seen with several outfits. I have tried to assemble info on these, unfortunately without much success.:

first and foremost leading Biggles & High Noon, at times featuring:
Carlos Johansson on guitar. Tour de force: "Shine On You Brightly Diamond".
Magnus Hartelius on guitar
Bengt Bygren on keyboards
Abbe Abrahamsson (also of Winter) on drums.

leading Le Big

fronting Bubbles which seems to be Biggles himself plus Cats & Dogs

working with Cats & Dogs
Elinor Anderson (vocals)
Stefan Sahlin (keyboards)
Tommy Sahlin (guitar)
P.O. Larsson (bass)
Abbe Abrahamsson (drums)

and working with musicians like Bengan Blomgren, Nikke Ström, Tomas Olsson and Niklas Medin.

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