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Bob Weir and Phil Lesh of Grateful Dead.
"Forum", Copenhagen, Denmark, October 8 1981. Camera: Christer

Unfortunately, I did not visit the Bay Area during the Fillmore and Winterland years. But still: Listening to "Happy Trails", "After Bathing at Baxter's", "Live Dead" et al time and again can almost give you nostalgia for something YOU did not experience firsthand. However, from '72 and onwards I managed to catch several of the San Francisco cult figures, both in Europe and in the States.

I'll never forget Terry & the Pirates at Rio Theatre in Rodeo 1980. Not exactly fussing over details at times, they certainly lived up to their name. Messrs. Dolan, Cipollina and Douglass had acute problems tuning their three guitars together. Not unusual in a three-guitar-band, particularly when a certain gentleman frequently abuses his Bigsby (and admirably so). Finally Terry Dolan shrugged his shoulders and admitted on microphone that tuning had failed miserably: "... but we don't care, 'cause we're the Pirates!". And they kicked into the next tune.
Sketchy TERRY & THE PIRATES Discography
"Too Close For Comfort"
WILD BUNCH RECORDS WB 5001 (Italy 1979-80)

"The Doubtful Handshake"
LINE RECORDS LLP 5062 AP (Germany 1980)

"Wind Dancer"
RAG BABY RECORDS INT 147.408 (Germany 1981)

"Rising of the Moon"
RAG BABY RECORDS INT 147.410 (Germany 1982)

"Silverado Trail"
To the left is simply a list of the albums I personally have managed to get hold of. I am sure that they are issued in other markets under different labels and numbers. Only CD issue in this list is "Silverado Trail".
The "Too Close..." album is a collection of (mostly) live tracks recorded 1970 - 1979. Sound quality varies from horrible to acceptable.

Personal favourite is "The Doubtful Handshake". Spirited rendition of Rodney Crowell's "Ain't Livin' Long Like This" plus Terry Dolan's own brilliant "Inside & Out", "Inlaws and Outlaws", "Montana Eyes"... Lots of glimmering guitarwork from Cip.

Recommended reading on John Cipollina:
Mike Cross' website and
"In the heart of hearts,
of my rock'n'roll soul,
lives forever,
a sound, and still I shiver
from yer switchblade and tremelo
comin' right over my shoulder

Terry Dolan, Mill Valley Oct 1989

Quicksilver Messenger Service:
(PYMANDER #PYA007CD) (1996)

"2-CD set created by Quicksilver's guitarist Gary Duncan, feat. 28 newly recorded, diverse tracks of inspired madness (even a Christmas song!), feat. Bobby Vega (Zero), Greg Errico (Sly & The Family Stone), Bert Stachel (Prince), Lee Oskar (War) + Quicksilver bandmates Michael Lewis & David Freiberg."

Disc One:
"Rebel" "Big Bright Street" "The Dog Song" "Bubba Jeans" "Life Is So Funky" "Angeline" "Carnival Time in Nicaragua" "I Don't Wanna Hear It Anymore" "Don't Go To Strangers" "Richmond Welfare Strut" "Nobody But You" "We'll Be Together" "Tattoo".

Disc Two:
"Rex Dark" "King-O-China" "Snowman" "The Fat Man" "Steve McQueen" "Close Enuf For Jazz" "Don't Touch The Tip" "Gangster Purple" "Vera Cruz" "What'd You Do To Yo' Do" "Jackie Boy" "Blue Weasel On Ice" "Hoochie Coochie Man" "Sugar Pie" "Holiday".

Hopefully still available from the eminent Globe Records whose ad we once took the liberty of quoting above! Now go visit their website!

Recommended listening for anybody
who lost his/her heart in San Francisco:
Jerry Garcia Band's "How Sweet It Is...":
Vanja's 1997 favourite (recorded in 1990)
particularly the ten minutes magic
of "Like A Road" (Nix & Penn).
or a classic: "Blues for Allah".
It's true - the music never stopped....

California Classics

Buffalo Springfield

Jefferson Airplane

Al Kooper

Steve Miller Band

Moby Grape

Quicksilver Messenger

RELIX Magazine and Records

The Official Home Page of Grateful Dead
a must for visiting!

Crazy Fingers
keeping the flame alive in Florida...

Jerry Garcia,
"Tivoli", Copenhagen,
April 14 1972.
Camera: Christer

Zero: "Here Goes Nothin"

The combination of guitarists Steve Kimock and John Cipollina must satisfy any serious "Bay Area guitar" freak. They tackle psychedelia, fusion jazz, blues - you name it! In my subjective little mind, these guys can do no wrong. I usually don't fall for Hendrix covers - but this "Little Wing" is exquisite. Furthermore, Martin Fierro on sax makes this outfit a true triple threat revue.
Now I gotta' check out Kimock's OWN albums...

Link: Relix Records
Jerry Miller Band:
"Life Is Like That"

Legendary Moby Grape guitarist is at it again. Powerful bluesy trio with John Oxendine on drums and ex-Doobie Tiran Porter on bass (and one terrific lead vocal). Several guests flesh out the trio: Merl Saunders for one makes good use of his keyboards. The material on this CD is steeped in blues and country - not a whiff of the psychedelics of the Sixties. But if you are an avid Miller man like myself you welcome any new material from this elusive guitar hero.

Link: Messaround Records

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