Part 17: Birthday Party at "The Favourite" with Top Topham and company:

The lineup at "The Favourite" was impressive:

On drums:
Martin Deegan (Paul Lamb & The King Snakes - and once a Big Joe Louis cohort)

On bass:
Jim Mercer (Paul Lamb & The King Snakes) or
Steve Stares (Blues Etc., plus Bob Pearce's band)
On guitars:
Bob Pearce /neat slide, too/
Chris Collins (Blues Etc., plus Bob Pearce's band)
John Whitehill (Paul Lamb & The King Snakes)
Jon T-Bone Taylor (Bop Brothers)
Top Topham.

On keyboards:
Steve Weston
On vocals:
Bob Pearce
Chad Strentz /also rhythm guitar/ (Paul Lamb & The King Snakes)
Corina Greyson (LowerDown)
Earl Green (once with Otis Grand - now solo)
Shakey Vick /also harp - of course/
Big Joe Louis /also guitar/

So the drummer and the keyboard player were constantly going full blazes - the other guys alternated.