Joe Fournier: "Rants, Rockers and Ruination" (Kanada 2013)

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1) Amps and Guitars
2) Rely On The Radio
3) Yesterday's Hits
4) Boulder Love Hut
5) Vagabond Trailer Court Blues
6) Dough I Owe
7) Emotional Suitcase
8) When The 45 Died
9) She and Me and John P.
10) Galaxie 500
11) Water and Air
12) Alone
13) Raw Sugar Shed
SEK 109:-

"On his latest release, Joe puts the stories front and centre. He has evolved into a true wordsmith - with "a genuine eye for detail and storytelling, and lyrics as sharp as a broken beer bottle" - as AmericanaUK so eloquently put it.

"I really worked hard on the lyrics this time out and I didn't want people to get distracted by all my usual little musical noises. Besides, with the portastudio I really had no choice in the matter."

Joe gets his inspiration from classic tunesmiths like John Hiatt, John Fogerty, Nick Lowe, Hank Williams, Tom Waits, Loudon Wainwright, Shel Silverstein and Bruce Springsteen to name a few. Big musical influences are original rock and roll, swampy 60's southern rock and soul, classic country and old school blues.

"I just really like the sound of the old records, where you can hear the room, tell which studio a track came from, just the sound of everyone playing in a room together. There are some great folks still doing that out there, and those are the records and bands I try to search out and support."