The Western Toneflyers: "The World Is Waiting" (Sverige 2010) OBS att vi endast säljer CDupplagan (finns även utgiven på vinyl)
GrimeTone Record
Company /GTCD01
Spår Pris

Tillbaka till artistens sida
1. Little Red Wagon (Griffin)
2. T.T. Boogie (Adams)
3. Steel Guitar Rag (Travis, Stone, McAuliffe)
4. Did You Mean It? (Greer, Dixon)
5. I Don't Mind (Corn, Green)
6. Blue Star (Giardano, Cohen)
7. Too Blue To Care (Boyd, Ra, Faun)
8. First-Class Second-Hand Woman (Atchison, Cletro)
9. Free Samples (Green)
10. She's a Mean, Mean Woman (Schelb, Bennet)
11. Southern Belle (Pope)
12. Don't Talk About Me (Cletro)
13. Detour (Westmoreland)
14. Sugar and Salt (Stites, McAuliffe)
15. The World is Waiting for the Sunrise (Lockhart, Seitz)
16. Shuffle Board Shuffle (Hogsed, Kersey)
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