Bert Deivert: "Takin' Sam's Advice" (Sverige 2007)

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1) Seems Like a Dream
2) Big Road Blues
3) Preachin´ Blues
4) When You Got a True Friend
5) Silver City
6) I Want You to Know
7) My Baby´s Gone
8) Mississippi Blues
9) That´s Alright
10) Crow Jane
11) Levee Camp Moan
12) Morning Blues
13) Broke and Hungry
14) Divin´ Duck Blues
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Bert's website sez: This acoustic music cd features lots of blues mandolin, resonator guitars, slide guitar, fiddle, and guest appearances by other blues friends like Tom Paley, Peter Case, Brian Kramer, Janne Zander and Papa Dan. This is a cd with varied types of songs from the delta and country blues traditions, featuring Bert's take on some of his 1920's-1940's blues favorites. It is dedicated to Son House, Sam Chatmon, and Yank Rachell.

Janne Zander - ac. guitar, Amistar Crossroads resonator guitar, baritone guitar, high strung guitar, backup vocals, associate producer, and playing partner for many years
Brian Kramer - National slide guitar, vocals - Big Road Blues & When You Got a True Friend
Peter Case - guitar, harmonica, vocals - Broke and Hungry Thanks for being a part of this 34 years after doing this tune on the streets of San Francisco...
Nina Anderberg - fiddle
Mats Qwarfordt - harmonica
Papa Dan Magnusson - drums
Tom Paley - guitar on Divin’ Duck
Lasse Boström - guitar: Mississippi Blues
Emmy Deivert - backing vocals on Crow Jane
Gunnar Backman - banjo on Crow Jane