Pat Huggins "Write On!" (USA 2009)
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1) Intro
2) Write On!
3) Woman, Woe Man, Whoa Man
4) On The Tip Of My Tongue
5) The Law Of Nature
6) Lobotomy
7) The Monkey-Spankin’ Blues
8) Holy Toledo
9) It Feels Good
10) Hope
11) Solid Ground
12) So Long
13) The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall (studio version)
14) Stupid And Proud Of It
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"I had a lot of fun making this record. As with my previous albums, it offered me an opportunity to create music with an extremely accomplished and colorful group of musicians and singers. I’m so very grateful to all of them—Björn Almgren, Martina Almgren, Owe Almgren, Kerstin Karlsson, Victoria Särnhult, and Erik Weissglas; plus Clint Bailey, Mickey Buckins, Vinnie Ciesielski, Marie Lewey, Jimmy Nutt, Spooner Oldham, Charles Rose, Kalle Ruuth, Harvey Thompson, and Cindy Walker for sharing their time and talents with me. But putting together a project such as this requires the skills, resources, support, and inspiration of many additional people as well.

The basic tracks and overdubs were recorded by*; (1) Pär Eriksson and Pat Huggins at Hvitfeldtska Gymnasiet in Göteborg, Sweden (2) Jimmy Nutt at “The Nutthouse” in Sheffield, Alabama (3) Jimmy Nutt at “Studio Bohus” in Kungälv, Sweden (4) Pat Huggins at Värmlandsgatan 19 in Göteborg, Sweden (5) Jimmy Nutt at “Coop De Villa” in Sweet Home, Alabama (6) Jimmy Nutt at “Grizzly Tracks” in Göteborg, Sweden (7) Dixon Keel at “Coop De Villa” in Sweet Home, Alabama (8) Pat Huggins in a hotel room in Lexington, Kentucky. *Please refer to the credits at the end of each song. The bonus tracks are a couple of remnants I had left over from the dark days of 2000 to 2008. Final mixes by Jimmy Nutt at “The Nutthouse” / Mastering by Jim DeMain at “Yes Master” in Nashville, Tennessee / Cover photograph by Vanja Fridhammar / Design and graphics by Sverker Weissglas."
Pat Huggins