MC Hansen: "Pariah" (Danmark 2009)

Tillbaka till artistens sida
1. Melancholy Moon
2. Behind Enemy Lines
3. On Traffic Lights
4. Take your Time (The Tale of Lovelight Ave.) feat. CS Nielsen
5. With Blood on my Hands
6. Down there by the Well
7. The Song we never sing
8. On a Day as good as any other
9. Up on a Shelf
10. Come on down
11. goes like this
SEK 129:-

"The 11 original songs on the record were recorded in 48 hours at Lundgaard Studios in Vejen, Denmark last year with my band and special guests CS Nielsen, Rune Højmark and René Schmidt and Tobias Stenkjær."
MC Hansen - guitar, hamonica and vocals
Uffe Steen - clarinet and Fender Stratocaster
Morten Brauner - electric basses
Jacob Chano - drums and harmony vocals
Rune Højmark - mandolin, slide guitar, pedal steel guitar and his Gibson J45
René Schmidt and Tobias Stenkjær - Harmony vocals
with special guest - CS Nielsen