Redd Volkaert: "Stolen Licks" DVD (2006)
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Fender News skriver:
"Stolen Licks is an up-close look at a dozen phrases and techniques that Volkaert has, well, stolen from his influences to create his own signature style, and it’s worth noting that some of them aren’t just from other guitar players, but also from fiddle, steel, and saxophone players. Volkaert plays each lick at regular tempo and at half time, and producer Terry Downs’ amazingly riffer-friendly over-the-shoulder camera angles and split-screen work makes learning the material a good deal easier. Further, the disc comes with a tablature book.

The complex licks aren’t impossible, but nailing them as effortlessly as Volkaert does will take some practice. Fret not, though—Stolen Licks is a terrific way to add some classic Telecaster licks to your repertoire."