The Ugli Stick: "nostoi" (USA 2006)
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Tillbaka till artistens sida
1) Momma Taught Me
2) True Love
3) Started Out Right
4) Because Of You
5) Another Night To Kill
6) Don't Get Me Wrong
7) Old Friend (The Monsoons Song)
8) Nobody's Calling
9) Turn It On
10) Do Unto Others
11) Nine Planets
12) Main Street Trolley
13) Better Wings
SEK 159:-
The Student Printz är "The Campus Newspaper of the University of Southern Mississippi". Här har jag saxat en artikel om när The Ugli Stick kom till stan våren 2006. Den förmedlar faktiskt lite om bandet - och om plattan.

'Uglistick' nothing to shake at
by Elise Jordan (© The Student Printz)

Self-proclaimed "old funk, new soul" band The Uglistick is making a stop in Hattiesburg tonight to perform songs from their new album "Nostoi".

Band members look forward to their return to Hattiesburg because they have friends and family in the area.

"We have a soft spot for Hattiesburg," said drummer Tim Stanton.

Their new album brings them back with a new, more parallel performance in relation to their recorded sound. Guitarist Dale Drinkard attributes the album's authentic sound to an emphasis on unified writing and composition by all four band members.

Stanton said "Nostoi" is the most honest reflection of their sound, although is their third album.

"We're finally comfortable in our own skin," added Stanton.

They also had the support of acclaimed producer Jimmy Nutt. Nutt has worked with artists like Jimmy Buffett and Clarence Carter.

Lead vocalist Eric Erdman praised Nutt as both a professional and a mentor saying, "his fingerprints are on the album as much as ours." Stanton adds Nutt acted as a true producer rather than an "engineer."

"He was honest about what worked and what didn't," said Stanton. The band felt the finishing touch would be an album title that would illustrate their musical maturation.

Erdman recalls listening to some college lectures on tape while on tour. They came across one in particular describing an old Greek play about soldiers returning home from war. The title was "Nostoi" meaning "to return home." The band adopted it as their album title.

Although they write all their own music, their personal favorites trickle through into their overall sound with hints of reggae, folk, and jazz. Specific artists also influence their style such as Jack Johnson, Outkast, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Otis Redding and Vivaldi.

The Uglistick originated in Mobile, Alabama almost seven years ago when Stanton had a dream that he and fellow musician Eric Erdman started a band. The two joked about the dream but decided to follow through with the idea. Drinkard joined when the band was looking to improve their live performances, and bassist Quintin Berry followed shortly thereafter.

The band awaits the opportunity to perform in Hattiesburg live because they love feeding off the audience's energy as well as the opportunity to travel.

Erdman dismissed the assumption that bands on tour have time to party. He describes late nights and early mornings of packing, unpacking and performing and said that any downtime they get is spent relaxing.

Drinkard loves being on the road and simply said, "I get to play my guitar and make a living at it."