Freddie Nystrom Power Trio: "Bad Boy Boogie" (Sweden 2014)
NPCD 1401
Tracks Pris

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1. Another Perfect Day
2. Bad Boy Boogie
3. Pay The Price
4. Doghouse
5. Lady Blue
SEK 49.00

New EP by Freddie Nystrom Power Trio (today Freddie Nystrom, Gunnar Kungur & P-O Hesselbom). Live in the studio (Studio Top Of The Hill).

These 5 tracks will definitely make the trio's fans happy: "Another Perfect Day" opens with Cream-ish guitar riffing; "Bad Boy Boogie" and "Pay The Price" show the trio in a race car mood; "Doghouse" sounds exactly as worrying as its title - and "Lady Blue" gives Freddie ample chance to don the role of Billy Gibbons. Boogie on, Freddie!

For the sake of good order: The track "Lady Blue" is a NEW recording by the current trio, NOT a reissue of the "Airborn" album track.