Martin Carlberg: "Blues Intermission" (Sweden 2013)

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1) Cat String Game
2) Cross My Heart
3) Haywire
4) Here Comes The King
5) High Strung
6) It's A Feel Thing
7) Jamais Vu
8) Made To Break
9) My Baby's On Fire
10) Reason To Sing The Blues
11) The Mob
12) Trainwreck
13) I Am The One
SEK 99.00
The CD is packaged very simply - but features brilliant blues. Made by the artist himself in 100 numbered copies. An album displaying the bluesy side of Martin (see below!).

Martin Carlberg (previously Martin Gabriel) is, like happiness, "different things to different people".
Many of us have met and admired him in his roles as vocalist / guitarist / songwriter, currently with three solo albums under his belt.
Showing talents displayed early on in the Göteborg band The Remedies: a vastly talented band who released the 1999 album "Unfiltered". (Get it while you can!)
Some folks have heard him doing the blues guitar hero bit with Bad Ass Fajitas - a band you could label The Remedies in a blues band disguise. A firm blues pub favourite.
Or perhaps you have met Martin somewhere in the summer night as the acoustic troubadour - or in the bright summer day as the sing-along-leader at some tourist draw. Or ...