Freddie Nystrom Power Trio: "Airborn" (Sweden 2013)
NPCD 1301
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1. Blood Running Hot
2. Fancy Queen
3. I Don´t Know
4. Lady Blue
5. Get Your Kicks
6. Lost in Darkness
7. Hit the Light
8. Neon Jungle
9. Boogie All Night
10. Don´t Hide
11. Hot Little Number
12. Rock Tonight
SEK 99.00
Busy Freddie has done it again.

"Airborn" is the quick follow up to the previous album "Take Off". Some songs turn up on both albums, but the ones on "Airborn" are fresh recordings. And how does the album sound? Freddie himself describes the band: "from catchy blues rock through expressionistic solo excursions to moody power ballad and painful slow blues." So there!

The tracks tend to start out with a buzzing guitar riff setting the tempo and the general mood. And then the vocals slide in, a bit low in the mix. "I Don't Know" (gets my award for the use of a wahwah pedal!) and "Lost In Darkness" have a softer and more melodic character than the rest of the tracks.

Riff happy "Lady Blue" will make the ZZ Top fans just as happy. "Hit The Light" is the mandatory cigarette lighter ballad with a Gary Moore-ish solo. "Rock Tonight" kickstarts with a standard riff, but hark: wait patiently and you get the coolest guitar break of the entire album. But I am biased.

Freddie Nystrom Guitar & Vocals, Gunnar Kungur Bass & Vocals and Kent Helgesen Drums & Vocals have thus released yet another album which will make their faithful audience happy!