Sir Åsling & the T-Bone Orchestra: "Let´s Jump Tonight" (Sweden 2002)
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[2:19] 1. Strollin With Bone
[3:30] 2. T-Bone Boogie
[2:22] 3. I Walked Away
[2:28] 4. Flip, Flop And Fly
[4:32] 5. Cold, Cold Feeling
[2:04] 6. Search My Heart
[2:51] 7. Gee I Wish
[4:28] 8. Everything I Do Is Wrong
[2:42] 9. The Hustle Is On
[1:59] 10. Poodle Bites
[2:25] 11. A Long Way To Go
[3:14] 12. Don't Leave Me (Bonus Track)
[3:08] 13. Hardway (Bonus Track)
[3:00] 14. Let's Jump Tonight (Bonus Track)

SEK 139.00

"This is an exciting group stationed in the very south part of Sweden (Malmö). The orchestra is made up of seasoned professional musicians with a passion for the blues and swinging jive of the 40s and 50s, and are ready to deliver a sweaty show at any given moment - they surely know how to entertain an audience!!!! They formed in 2001 and received fantastic reviews for their debut album "Let's Jump Tonight!" (distribution Playground, Scandinavia). The Swedish bluesmagazine "Jefferson" called it one of the best albums of the year."