Pelle Lindberg Band: "Put Your Foot Down" (Sweden 2011)
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1) Step Up To The Plate
2) Tired
3) Never Be Her Man
4) A Womans Mind
5) Helping Hand
6) Middle Of The Road
7) Bottomless Hole
8) Where Do You Wanna Go
9) Run You Over
10) Baby´s Back
SEK 119.00

Pelle Lindberg is a heavy duty bluesman with an impressive CV. Interesting item: Spent time as a guitar slinger in Austin TX, no less. That's cred in my book.

This album is both modern in sound AND steeped in tradition. Check linked trax up above for ample proof! "Step Up To The Plate" is done in a funky, soulful mood. Think Cray, Collins... "Tired" is cooly jazztinged, moving effortlessly through the speakers. And "Where Do You Wanna Go" offers up Pelle's stinging blue guitar and some enthusiastic chanting. Party on, folks!