Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues: "Walk The Walk" (Sweden 2011)
DR BLUES / 2011 Tracks Price

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1) Walk the walk
2) Room next door
3) Paradise of love
4) Angel on my shoulder (with Erja Lyytinen on slide guitar)
5) Guts to live (with Erja Lyytinen on slide guitar)
6) Loving boy
7) Devils child
8) Unknown faith (with Brian Kramer on slide guitar and vocals)
9) Have to let it go
10) Bleedin’ on the floor
11) Fake paradise
12) River of pain
13) Man’s best friend
Bonus track:
The room next door. Acoustic version (with Brian Kramer on slide guitar and vocals)
SEK 119.00

Newspaper reviews:

"Växjö’s blues pride Doctor Blues has now played for 30 years. Walk The Walk is the band’s fourth album. This time, they have also been assisted by two guest artists: American Brian Kramer and Finnish blues queen and guitar wonder Erja Lyytinen. It’s as always dark, heavy and melodic blues with a lot of finesse. Walk The Walk is also the band’s most varied album so far.

Doctor Blues are always trying to find new off road paths from the cross roads of Robert Johnson. And most times they succeed quite well. Karin Rudefelt is also a superb blues singer."


"The singer Karin Rudefelt have been with the band half-time now and she is working with subtleness and small means. This is possible thanks to the band’s guitarist, singer and composer Lennart Olofsson, who gives her such varied material to work with. The band moves freely between city and countryside,

Olofsson seems happy when he finds really funky riffs in songs that become stronger and stronger for each track. Even friends of Southern rock should not be discouraged."

Björn Stefanson – bjorn.stefansson@vf.se /VÄRMLANDS FOLKBLAD

"There are blues bands, and then there’s Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues. This is a band that does not follow the rules and who keep crossing the borders. The band plays the blues but will happily blend in rock and jazz and also have a woman as one of the singers – and women aren’t supposed to sing the blues, right?

But right it is. The music has made the band an innovator of blues music and Karin Rudefelt should indeed sing the blues. The band’s second singer is Lennart Olofsson. He also writes all the music and co-founded the band 30 years ago.
Two guest artists are joining in. Erja Lyytinen is Finland’s blues queen and Brian Kramer is a renowned Bluesman from New York.

Karin Rudefelt & Doctor Blues gives us a blues that grooves and that makes the listener happy. It’s heavy blues, but still far from the blues melancholic origin. It’s modern blues."

Lennart Götesson / DALA-DEMOKRATEN