Benyam Lemma: "Guiding Light" (Sweden 2011)
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01 Tomorrow In Your Eyes
02 Guiding Light
03 Without Your Love
04 In Time
05 Annie Says
06 Reflections In Your Eyes
07 Landlord
08 A Love That Was Never Mine
09 At Play (Marvin's Theme)
10 Chances Are

SEK 119.00

Quotes from his website:
"GUIDING LIGHT is the name of the first solo-album from Benyam Lemma. It contains ten new songs written by Benyam. These are songs written during a period of transition. It reflects on such diversities as the joy of becoming a father as well as the anger of fighting a system where a swedish citizen has been held prisoner without a trial for ten years. Benyam has until now been fronting his band ”the Bullydrops”, but this time it’s a solo-project.

-”I tried to keep the band together, but since it turned out impossible I decided to benefit from the advantages of being a solo-artist. Instead of incorporating the songs into the band-concept I’ve tried to find musicians based on the songs. It turned out great - I mean, we really had a great time in the studio and it brought about a lot of new inspiration and joy.”