Per & The Ouagadougou Blues Quartet: "Second Jive" (Sweden 2004)
Guest: Sven Zetterberg
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1) Yes Indeed
2) Tell Me Somebody (Sven Z slide guitar)
3) Pleasure Is All Mine (Sven Z vocals, guitar solo)
4) I'm Not In The Mood
5) Disconnected
6) Walk You Home
7) Troubles Good-Bye (Sven Z vocals)
8) One Of The Kind (Sven Z guitar)
9) Signing Up For Love
10) Yes Baby
11) Don't Put Me Down
12) Look At That Girl
13) Know I Know
14) Going Down With The Sun (Sven Z vocals)
Only original songs (well, almost) from the busy pen of Per Månsson. Outstanding!
Per Månsson: guitar, vocals
Samuel ”Drop out Sam” Andersson: harmonica
Oscar Appelquist: keyboard
Mattias Schertell: stand up bass
Per ”Svannte” Sennerhall: drums