Martin Gabriel and Bag Of Tricks: "Martin Gabriel and Bag Of Tricks" (Sweden 2011)
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1) Golddigger
2) Kicking a Dead Horse
3) Game Face
4) Beggar No More
5) Chicken Pickin' Stuff
6) Bag Of Tricks
7) Stormdriven
8) Good Riddance
9) Get The Ball Rolling
10) Waiting By The Phone
11) Same Ol' Story
12) Night Radio
Martin's 'solo album' number three: "Bag Of Tricks".

• "Like the title says, Martin Gabriel has opened his bag of tricks, giving us a blend of blues, high-speed country and rock songs with riffs as heavy as lead."
• "Any Martin Gabriel album is sure to be filled with great songs. “Bag Of Tricks” has that as well as high octane guitar playing to boot."