Pat Huggins & A Damn Good Band: "Wayward Songs" (USA 2010)
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1) I Didn't Find You
2) Black And White
3) Hot Fun
4) What Did I Do (To Deserve This)?
5) Wayward Sons
6) Out Of Time
7) Get On Board (The Relationship)
8) Rosemary
9) Independence Day
10) A Story
11) How Long?
12) We Do What We Like, We Like What We Do
13) A New Day
14) Maybe We Should Call It A Day
15) Lowdown (Bonus Track)
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WAYWARD SONGS and WRITE ON! (my previous release) are essentially cut from the same mold, so to speak. We ("A Damn Good Band" and I) laid down the basic tracks to nineteen songs in two days back in 2005 - most of which ended up being on both of these albums. Additional tracks such as "Hope", "The Monkey-Spankin’ Blues", "Stupid And Proud Of It", "How Long?", "A Story", "Out of Time", "Independence Day", "Rosemary", "Black and White", and "What Did I Do (To Deserve This)?" were recorded over the next few years in various locations such as The Nutthouse, a hotel room, an office, and at Coop De Villa in Sweet Home, Alabama. "The Bigger They Come, The Harder They Fall" (featured on THE LOST CAUSEWAY) and "Lowdown" (included as a bonus track on WAYWARD SONGS) were both recorded live at Café KoM in Gothenburg, Sweden.

None of these songs were intended to be on a specific album per se. Primarily they were recorded just for fun, with the idea that they might possibly turn into an album eventually. And I guess that’s how it turned out in the end. I hope you have as much fun listening to these songs as we did recording them.

Pat Huggins
May 24, 2010
Coop De Villa
Sweet Home, Alabama