Jacob & the Jackals: "Breaking The Spell" (Sweden 2009)

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1) Mumbo Jumbo
2) The Seventh Son
3) Since I Met You Baby
4) Wild About You Baby
5) Cabbage Head
6) Where's My Limousine?
7) Mojo Bags & Black Cat Bones
8) Can't Afford To Do It
9) Can't Believe You Wanna Leave
10) Going To Brownsville
11) Goofer Dust
12) Mama Don't Allow Me To Stay Out All Night Long

SEK 99.00
previously SEK 139.00

The new album called "Breaking the spell" was released in December 20th 2009.
The album contains 12 new tracks filled with hard-driving rhythm and smoking slide guitar, produced by Göran Svenningsson and featuring special guests Ulf Sandström, Stefan Dafgård and Jakob Norgren!