The Unkool Hillbillies: "Evil Times" (Sweden 2009)

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1) Dangling On A String
2) Another Day, Another Lie
3) Sarah
4) Wake Up
5) I Aint Mad At You
6) Just Your Fool
7) I'll Do My Best
8) Jump Start My Heart
9) Linda Lee
10) Rock This Joint
11) Evil Times
12) It Hurts Me too *
13) You're The One *
14) Dirty *
15) Tore Up **
16) Blisters **
17) Stampen Boogie **
18) Tell Me (bonus)

* Vocals: Karin Johansson ** Live track

SEK 139.00

From the band's website:
"The new CD "EVIL TIMES" will be in stores in June (2009).
The CD is released by Strawberry records, contains 18 rockin tracks with a running time of nearly 50 minutes. So there is probably no reason not to buy this CD. Female rocker "Little Karen" (Karin Johansson) sings on three tracks, and really, really rocks! We're very happy with this CD, and among all the new recordings there are also have a couple of bonus tracks, recorded live (very live) on stage and the song Tell Me, that previously was released only in Germany, now re-mixed and and ready for a world-wide audience."