Pilgrim: "Harbour Girl" (Sweden 2009)
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1. Introduction
2. Where The Soul Of Man Never Dies
3. Hidden Highway (Peter Gran)
4. Ring Of Fire
5. Money Is the Root of All Evil
6. You Can’t Do Wrong And Get By
7. Would You Lay With Me (In A Field Of Stone)
8. Aunt Maria
9. Turn The Cards Slowly
10. Sailing (Marcus Svensson)
11. Interlude 1
12. Harbour Girl (Ray Davies)
13. Hello Trouble
14. I'm Working On A Building
15. A Town Like This
16. Interlude 2
17. Broadminded

SEK 149.00

Rootsy writes:
"The 15 songs on the »Harbour Girl« album was recorded at KONK studios in London with producer and legendary Kinks founder Ray Davies. It's a sensational comeback album, focusing on the beautiful harmony vocals of twin sisters Karin and Maria Forsman. The honky tonk country style of ther debut album has been replaced by acoustic old time country and bluegrass."