Joe Fournier: "Truth & Twang" (Canada/Sverige 2009)
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1) Tiny Mine
2) Silver Deluxe
3) Drop The Bottle, Grab The Throttle
4) Beautiful Lies
5) Six Foot Suit
6) Sweet Little Rockin' Town
7) Around To It
8) Goin' Out West
9) The Golden Age Of My Drinkin' Years
10) Her Collection
11) She Went To Nelson
12) This Guitar
now SEK 84.00
previously SEK 139.00

Joe sez:
"Hey all ...
Just released my next musical rant, Truth & Twang .

It's a little louder and a little dirtier than the last few have been. Cut it at my usual digs, the Eight Track Shack, using lotsa tube and ribbon junk. It's mostly me bangin' and hackin' away, but my good buddy Charlie Hase plays some smokin' lap steel on a few cuts and there's a track from one of my old bands, The Wessons, that I Joe-a-fied a wee bit. Plus there's one written by my pal Steve Ketchen of the Kensington Hillbillys. And a Tom Waits cover - kinda 'Johnny Cashed' up little.
It'll be out on Dusty Records in Europe this September, then later in the year on Reliable Records in Canada and at CD Baby and ITunes worldwide.
Me and the boys will be hittin' the road starting October 2. We'll spend the fall in Sweden, UK and Canada before heading south to the US in the Spring 2010. Can't Wait ! "