Benyam & The Bullydrops: "For The Love In My Neighbor's Eye" (Sweden 2009)
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1) Close To Me (with Bouchra)
2) Sister Butterfly
3) St. George
4) Lighthouse
5) No One Moves Me
6) Papertown
7) Soulshine (with Harriet Ohlsson)
8) The Truth
9) Above The Horizon
10) Your Return

SEK 119.00

Yet another eagerly awaited album! Benyam's own original songs and record label. Pop soul coloured by blues and reggae. And recorded by a killer band: Mats Eriksson guitars, David Bäck and Matti Ollikainen keyboards, Victor Furbacken bass, Chris Montgomery drums. Brass section: Anders Bäck, Samuel Olsson & Markus Ahlberg. And on vocals Benyam Lemma Eriksson - of course.

Quoting the press release (my translation): "Benyam has written the ten songs on the album. Playful and hopeful, yet sometimes dark and somber. The brass section sometimes creates a 60's soul sound, sometimes a funky 70's sound. The stories begin on top of the Masthugget hill in Göteborg och take us out, into the world. It is raining in Addis Abeba, and north of the Polar Circle the aurora gives life to a lonely lighthouse keeper's memories."