Jan Jonsson: "Steel Reflections" (Sweden 2009)
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1) A Smooth One / I'll Always Be In Love With You
2) Vintage Vibe Shuffle
3) Liquid Sun
4) Birdland
5) Two-Timin' Lover
6) Green Theme
7) All My Might
8) I Wish
9) Scrapple From The Apple / Bloomdido / Donna Lee
10) Round Midnight

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Opening up with swinging and polished steel playing in "A Smooth One" - which soon turns into "I'll Always Be In Love With You" beautifully sung by Petra Odenman. Lots of cool steel plus an elegant guitar break by Mats "Marshall" Karlsson. BTW, both Petra and Marshall are Jan's compadres in the outfit Steel 'n Blues.
Autobiographical "Vintage Vibe Shuffle" (recognized with pleasure by us Gothenburg blues aficionados) at break neck speed. Petra again of course - and wow: Redd Volkaert (guesting Texas guitar slinger deluxe) whips out a nice solo.
With "Liquid Sun" (Jan's original) we glide into a world of infinitely beautiful fusion jazz. Amazing steel colourings - but on this track Jan also performs some stellar playing on a regular six string.
More fusion with Zawinul's "Birdland" (makes me think of the beloved Swedish fusion band Hawk On Flight) - a shade funkier than the previous track. Man, I love this stuff...
Veering off into swinging blues in Jan's original "Two-Timin' Lover". Petra on vocals and Marshall & Olle on guitars. Plus smoky blue steel breaks from Jan.
Beautiful and jazzy playing - an idyllic Swedish countryside vibe - on Max Schultz' "Green Theme"
Cool midnight funk in Jan's original "All My Might": wet asphalt 'n' gleaming neon lights, Los Angeles is never far away. And then Lady Petra slithers sensuously into the speakers... Towards the end Jan shines on a guitar solo: Carlton & Ritenour would have been proud.
Stevie Wonder's hit "I Wish" is a mainstay in the repertoire of Steel 'n Blues. Petra really goes for it and the band pushes hard: Pow, pow, pow...
Wonderful swinging steel on a Charlie Parker medley - did you visit "Club Guitarland" by any chance?
- and finally Monk's "'Round Midnight": a tour de force. Perhaps my favourite track. Masterful steel of course. And Marshall adds such a beautiful guitar solo.

When reading the list of players below (taken off the CD sleeve) you will find that Jan plays "software instruments". He has himself created the instrumental environment, the sounds of a backup band: keyboards, vibes, bass, drums, percussion et al. Completely convincing. No 'player piano' feel whatsoever, no 'sampled background' feel. On the contrary: this CD sounds very 'live' - and very cool and funky. Which awards him yet a gold star.

Jan Jonsson: Pedal and Lap steel guitars, Rhythm guitars, Solo guitar on (3, 7), Software instruments
Petra Odenman: Vocals
Mats “Marshall” Karlsson: Solo guitar on (1, 5, 10)
Redd Volkaert: Solo guitar on (2)
Olle Bridal: Theme guitar on (1, 5)