Emil & The Ecstatics: "Bit By Bit" (Issued in Belgium 2009)
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1) Bit By Bit
2) Doer Not A Talker
3) In The Search Of A Woman
4) All Day Everyday
5) You Raised Hell
6) The Spook
7) Highway 4
8) Stop!
9) Cryin Wont Help You
10) Lucky Girl
11) Easy Cure
12) Regreat Song
13) The Hula
14) Terms Of Purchase

SEK 139.00

The 3rd album from Emil & The Ecstatics. Original material only - respect!
"Bit By Bit" is a soulful blues with stinging guitar and a determined bass figure. "Doer" opens with shining surfside licks and rolls on at a breakneck speed. "In the search" offers up southern soul with true gospel feel in the vocals. A varied album so far, hey?

"You Raised Hell" starts out in a manner akin to "Riot In Cellblock No. 9", "The Spook" is a suggestive instrumental with an echoing & surfing Fender - and "Highway 4" rocks Diddley style. "Cryin" is the cool slow blues we all have been waiting for. And more. Yep, lots of variation. And value for money.